CWallpaper is a graphical wallpaper changing program designed to be used with environments such as Fluxbox and Blackbox which lack their own wallpaper changing programs. It is designed to be compatible with nearly every desktop environment and root wallpaper changer possible.

Current Features:
  • Compatible with fbsetbg, bsetbg, esetroot, feh.
  • Also has KDE Desktop, Nautilus, and Rox support through shell scripts.
  • MS Windows support, using bsetroot from the Blackbox for Windows project.
  • Thumbnail preview of the wallpaper.
  • Loading different config files from command line
  • Long wallpaper lists.
  • A GTK and FLTK version.

Planned Features:
  • Graphical wallpaper list creator and configuration program
  • Less memory usage

If you have any problems with CWallpaper, or have any feature requests, send me an email
(xentalion at gmail dot com)
[A screenshot of CWallpaper]