CWallpaper FLTK 0.3.3
A rewrite of CWallpaper in C++ and FLTK has been uploaded. It is more then half as light as the GTK version of CWallpaper, which makes it more suited to older computers. The GTK version will continue development. Both versions share the same config files and wallpaper lists, and both have almost identical features.

CWallpaper 0.3.2
CWallpaper 0.3.2 has been released, adding several options. The config option has been fixed so that it now needs a -c option to specify the config file.
cwallpaper -c configfilename

Also, another option has been added to load the last wallpaper set, for programs without their own wallpaper remembering scheme. This option can be run in startup scripts, such as your .xsession file or .xinitrc using cwallpaper -l
You can also use this to load the last wallpaper using a different config file.